Call for Papers

The 2021 Spring Convention of the Japanese Association for Asian Studies will be held online in collaboration with Keio Gijuku University (Yokohama City, Kanagawa) on June 19 and 20, 2021. The Conference Organizing Committee (COC) of JAAS welcomes the proposals for individual presentations and organized panels from JAAS members.

Individual presentation: The speaker will submit a paper and is offered a chance to present it within around thirty minutes. The COC will organize sessions by selecting two or three presentations with similar or related topics and nominating the chairperson and commentators from JAAS members.

Organized panels: A panel usually consists of a chairperson, two or three presenters, one or two commentators. Two hours will be allotted to the whole panel.

The deadline for submission of a proposal for the individual presentations and/or the panels is extended from March 5 , 2021 to 19 March , 2021.

Applicants for the Individual Presentations should be a member of, or applying for membership to JAAS until the date of presentation. Applicants for the Organized Panels should be a member of JAAS at the time of application.

Please note this membership condition and proceed to the following step. Those who wish to submit a proposal must download the submission form from JAAS website (https://www.jaas.or.jp/taikai/taikailist.cgi), and fill and send it to the conference organizing committee by e-mail.

Simultaneously, please fill in the applicant contact form (https://forms.gle/FDBBNCHZ1wMm3djX9). Application is accepted when both the application form and the applicant contact form confirmed.

Those who made presentations in the conventions in the last one year can apply but may be given low priority in light of promoting equal opportunities for JAAS members.

The following items must be written in the submission form:

Individual presentations:
1) Name, affiliation, contact address, and membership status of the applicant.
2) Title of the presentation.
3) Abstract (within 300 words).
Submission form for individual presentation (Excel format)

Presenters at the Convention must submit full papers (in PDF format) with around ten A4 pages, including references, tables, and figures before April 23, 2021. The submitted papers will be posted on JAAS website for several weeks before and after the Conference, and will be made downloadable only by JAAS members.

Organized panels:
1) Name, affiliation, contact address, and membership status of the applicant.
2) Title of the panel.
3) Abstract (within 300 words).
4) Contents of the panel. (Name, affiliation, membership status of the chairperson, presenters, and commentators.)
Submission form for organized panels (Excel format)

Presenters of the panels must submit abstracts (within 300 words) (in PDF format) of their presentations before April 23, 2021. They are also recommended, though not required, to submit a full paper, which will be posted on JAAS website in the same manner with papers for individual presentations. The volume and the time of submission for the papers are the same with the case of individual presentations.

Conference Organizing Committee of JAAS
Rumi Aoyama (Waseda University)Mariko Watanabe(Contact)
e-mail: jaas-spring<at>npo-ochanomizu.org (replace <at> with @)