The 2020 Spring Convention of the Japan Association for Asian Studies (JAAS)
(Virtual Event)


June 7, 2020, Sunday

Panel 1 (Organized by the host university)
The Historical Meaning of Sino-Vietnamese Ten Years War(1979-1989) and Its Aftermath

Chair: IMAI Akio (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Speaker 1:ODAKA Tai(Takushoku University)
Speaker 2:ZHU Jian Rong(Toyo Gakuen University )
Speaker 3: KURIHARA Hirohide(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies )
Discussant: ISHII Akira(University of Tokyo )
      IMAMURA Nobukatsu(Research Council on World Politics and Economics )


Panel 2
The Outbreak of the Cold War and its Impact on the Chinese Civil War

Chair: ANAMI Yusuke(Tohoku University)
Speaker 1: ANAMI Yusuke(Tohoku University)
Speaker 2: FUJII Motohiro(National Institute for Defense Studies)
Discussant: ASADA Masafumi(Iwate University)

Panel 3
Role of Living Organization and Women Organization in Rural China

Chair: HORIGUCHI Tadashi(Osaka City University)
Speaker 1: EGUCHI Shingo(Shimane University)
Speaker2: YAN Meifang(Utsunomiya University)
Speaker 3: LIU Nan Yamanashi Eiwa University)
Discussant: TAKITA Go(Kyoto Sangyou University) OHASHI Fumie(Ochanomizu University)

Session 1 Politics and Economy in South East Asia

Chair and Discussant: KAWAMURA Koichi(Institute of Developing Economies)
Speaker 1: KONISHI Tetsu (Fukuoka University)

“Effectivity of Financial Regulation in Indonesia: Study from the State-owned Jiwasraya Case”

Speaker 2: KIM Yujin (Kyoto University)

“Making Undemocratic Bill: Interdependence of the Creative Economy and Musical Practices in Indonesia”

Speaker 3: SAKO Koji(Mizuho Research Institute, Senior Economist)

“China's growing presence in Cambodia”

Speaker 4: Susumu Ito(Chuo University)

“A Study on Infrastructure Governance by the Duterte Administration in the Philippines”

Discussant: KAWAMURA Koichi, SUZUKI Yurika(Institute of Developing Economies)

Session2: History of China’s Politics

Chair and Discussant: KAWASHIMA Shin(University of Tokyo)
Speaker 1: GAO Xiaoyan(Tohoku UniversityGraduate School of Law)

“The Institutional Formation of People’s Liberation Army’s Militia in the Early Years of People’s Republic of China: Focusing on Northeastern Guizhou Province”

Speaker 2: NAN Yue (Hokkaido University)

“The Contribution of Late Qing Publishing to the Modernization of China:A Study on Journal of Agricultural Sciences(Nongxue bao)and Its Founder Luo Zhenyu”

Speaker 3: ZHOU Jun (WASEDA University)

“Chairman Mao travelled all over the country: Land Space, power and Information (1949-1954)”

Discussant: KAMO Tomoki(Keio University) KAWASHIMA Shin(University of Tokyo)

Session 3: State, Party and Chinese Economy

Chair and Discussant: WATANABE Mariko (Gakushuin University)
Speaker 1: NAKAGANE Katsuji(University of Tokyo) MITSUNAMI Kohei(Teikyo University)

“A Short Essay on the Alternative Estimates of China’s Economic Growth: Was China Really Growing during the Mao period?”

Speaker 2: WANG Na(Shandong Normal University)

“The Impact of Housing Price on City Total Factor Productivity: Empirical Analysis Based on Panel Data of 285 Prefecture-level Cities in China”

Speaker3: ZHANG Xinyuan(Yokohama National University)

“China’s Tobacco Production and Marketing System”

Discussant: HOKEN Hisatoshi(Kwansei Gakuin University)WATANABE Mariko(Gakushuin University)

Session 4: Hong Kong and China’s Society

Chair and Discussant: AKO Tomoko(University of Tokyo)
Speaker 1: SATO Nao(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

“What Motivates the Chinese Lawyers to Provide Legal Aid at the Grassroots Level?”

Speaker 2: JIN Shiyong(Hosei University)

“The boom of Guoxue’ Phenomenon in China”

Speaker 3: CHIN Chun Wah(University of Tokyo)

“‘Japan’ in the Formation of Hongkonger’s Identity:'Localism' and War Memories”

Discussant: AKO Tomoko(University of Tokyo) KURATA Toru(Rikkyo University)

Session 5: Epidemic and Non Traditional Security

Chair: MATSUDA Yasuhiro(University of Tokyo)
Speaker 1: Takeshi Daimon-Sato

“China-Japan Policy Cooperation Under New Corona Virus: Urgent Proposal”

Speaker 2: BAE Yoon(Keio University)

“Non-Traditional Security and Infection Control Measures in Korea: From risk Management to Crisis Management”

Discussant: SHOJI Tomotaka(National Institute of Defense Studies),ONIMARU Takeshi(Kyusyu University)

Session 6: Finance and Industry

Chair: MIENO Fumiharu Kyoto University)
Speaker 1: OKUDA Hidenobu(Teikyo University )

“The Determinants of Bank's Capital Structure in A Dollarized Economy: An Empirical Study of Cambodian Banking Industry”

Speaker 2: Daiju Aiba(JICA-Ogata Research Institute for Peace and Development)

“International Transmission of Monetary Policy a Developing country: A Bank Lending Channel through Non-Resident Funding”

Speaker 3: YAMAGUCHI Kensuke(University of Tokyo)

“Competitiveness of Petrochemical Industry in Thailand: A Comparative Perspective with Indonesia and Malaysia”

Discussant: HAMADA Miki(Institute of Developing Economies) KAWANO Motoko(National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

Session 7: Politics of China

Chair and Discussant: AOYAMA Rumi(Waseda University)
Speaker 1: SUZUKI Takashi(Aichi Prefectural University)

“Xi Jinping's Political Thought and Leadership in the Local Cadre Period”

Speaker 2: KUDO Aya(Waseda University)

“Control of Chinese Communist Party over Media Ownership: An analysis of Institutional Development Process”

Discussant: KOJIMA Kazuko(Keio University) AOYAMA Rumi(Waseda University)