The 2015 Convention of the Japan Association for Asian Studies (JAAS)

Date: June 13-14, 2015
Venue: Ikebukuro Campus, Rikkyo University
Access: Ikebukuro station, JR Yamanote line See for details.
All Presentations which have [English based] after their titles will be presented in English.
Others are done in Japanese. Most of the original titles in Japanese were translated by the Conference Organizing Committee (COC) of JAAS.

Saturday, June 13, 2015
Morning Session 10:00-12:30

Session 1 China and International Relations

Chair and discussant: Go ITO (Meiji University)

Speaker 1: Que Dan Ben(Toin University of Yokohama)

“The future relations between japan and China”

Speaker 2: XIE Zhihai(Assistant Prof., Kyoai Gakuen University)

“China’s Africa Policy: An Analysis Focusing on the Role of FOCAC"

Speaker 3: Rupakjyoti Borah (National Chung Hsing University)

“Japan-India Maritime cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region : Analyzing the prospects and Challenges"[English based]

Discussants: Kazuya NAKAMIZO (Kyoto University)

Session 2 Environment and Politics in Asia

Chair and discussant: Hideki KITAGAWA (Ryukoku University)

Speaker 1: BAE Yoon (Keio University)

"Coordination’ of the interagency in Korea's Low-Carbon Green Growth Strategy : Case study of Committee on Green Growth"

Speaker 2: Congmian Jiao (Kyoto Sangyo University)

"Local Sustainability and Japan-China Environmental Cooperation"abstruct papers

Speaker 3: Yoshihiro CHIBA (Health Sciences University of Hokkaido)

"Urban Space and Public Health in American Colonial Manila, 1905-14"

Discussants: Noriyo ISOZAKI (Gakushuin University), Nobuto YAMAMOTO (Keio University)

Session 3 Politics in Southeast Asia

Chair and discussant: Mitsuru YAMADA (Waseda University)

Speaker 1: Seiichi IGARASHI (Chiba University)

"The New Political Phase of Mekong Regionalism"

Speaker 2: Miyoko TANIGUCHI (University of Tokyo)

"The Statehood of the Philippines through Rido (family feud)"

Speaker 3: Aya WATANABE(MIYASAKA) Graduate School of Political Science, Waseda University

"The Influence of Domestic Political Actors on Peace Processes: The Case of the Mindanao Conflict in the Philippines"

Discussants: Takeshi KAWANAKA (Institute of Developing Economies)

Session 4 Economic Growth in Asia

Chair and Discussant: Hideki ESHO (Hosei University)

Speaker 1: Chizuko SUZUKI (Tokyo University Graduate School, Doctors course)

"The Dilemma of GDPUS$3,000 in Vietnam Automobile Industry"

Speaker 2: Chunji KARIKOMI (Waseda University)

"The sustainable growth of the East Asian economies: The survey on the deindustrialization"

Discussant: Mai FUJITA (Institute of Developing Economies)

Panel 1 ASEAN and the multi-layered regional integration

Chair: Kazushi SHIMIZU (Kyushu University)

Speaker: Mie Oba (Tokyo University of Science), "ASEAN’s Outward Strategy and the multi-layered regional integration in East Asia"
Maki AOKI (IDE-JETRO) ”Development of Multi-layered Institutions in Mekong Area: Chaos and Order"
Toshihiro NAKAYAMA (Keio University) "Examining Rebalance Policy by U.S. Obama Government"
Discussant: Shin KAWASHIMA (University of Tokyo)

Afternoon Session 14:30-17:30

Panel Discussion China's "rise" and "resistance" in surrounding areas: Political change in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau 2014

Chair and Discussant: Masahiro WAKABAYASHI (Waseda University)


LIM, John Chuan-Tiong (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Toru KURATA (Rikkyo University) 
Hirokazu SHIODE (Josai International University)

Discussants: Shin KAWASHIMA (University of Tokyo), Jin ISHIZUKA (University of Yamanashi)

Panel 2 ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and Japan

Chair: Kazushi SHIMIZU (Kyushu University)


Kazushi SHIMIZU (Kyushu University) “AEC and Japan in the World Economy”
Koichi ISHIKAWA (Asia University) “Outreach of AEC”
Seiya SUKEKAWA (Institute for International Trade and Investment) “AFTA and Economic Integration”

Discussants: Hisao KAZUGA (Fukui Prefectural University), Sanae SUZUKI (Institute of Developing Economies)

Sunday, June 14, 2015
Morning Session 10:00-12:30

Session 5 Politics in China

Chair and Discussant: Mariko TANIGAKI (University of Tokyo)

Speaker 1: Jun KUMAKURA (the University of Tokyo)

“The Transformation of Ethnic-minority Elites in Contemporary China (1972-2013)”

Speaker 2: Kazuko BIREI (Tokyo Woman's Christian University)

“CCP’s Ethnic Minorities Policies in the Early Years of the PRC:Two Presentations Made by an Ethnic Minority Leader and an Ethnologist at a Conference"

Speaker 3: Mori Kazumichi (New Asian Invesco (Hong Kong) Ltd. )

“Impact of Globalization on Hong Kong : Dynamics of Dissolution of Democratization and Maketization"

Discussant Keiji Kinochita (Tokiwa University)

Session 6 Asia and Society – Islam, Gender

Chair and Discussant: Keiko Tamura (University of Kitakyshu)

Speaker 1 Yasuhiro Fukushima (Rikkyo University & Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

“Comparative Study on Halal Restaurants in Muslim Minority Countries: Cases on Philippines, Singapore and Japan”

Speaker 2 : MURAKAMI Akiko, (Hokkaido University)

“Iranian Women's Contribution to the Society: The Case Study in Tehran"

Speaker 3: HORI YOSHIE (Keisen University)

“The Business Process Outsourcing and Gender in the Philippines"

Discussant Mako Yoshimura (Hosei University), Kiyoko Furusawa (Tokyo Women’s University)

Session 7 Economy and Finance in Asia

Chair and Discussant: Fumiharu Mieno (Kyoto University)

Speaker 1 Hidenobu Okuda (Hitotsubashi University)

“Efficiency Analysis of Microfinance Institutions in Cambodia”

Speaker 2 QI Zhongling (Nihon University)

“China's Banking System: Current status and challenges"

Speaker 3 Chikashi KISHIMOTO (Asian Growth Research Institute )

“A Study on the Development of Venture Capital Industry in Taiwan"

Discussant Mariko Watanabe (Gakushuin University)

Panel 3 Revisiting the Notarization Process of US-China Diplomatic Relations

Chair Akira Ishii (University of Toky)


1 Chisako T. Masuo (Kyushu University)
2 Ryo Sato (Kanagawa University)

Discussant: Fukuda Madoka(Hosei University)

Sunday, June 14, 2015
Afternoon Session 10:00-12:30

13:30-14:15 : Special Keynote Speech

[English based with Simultaneous translation service to Japanese]

Chair: Nobuto Yamamoto (Keio University)

Professor Thongchai Winichakul, Wisconsin-Madison University
“The Changing Landscape of Asian Studies: a view from the US with implications to Asia"(Simultaneous translation service between English and Japanese)

14:15-17:15: International Session [English based]
International Panel 1

[English based with simultaneous translation service to Japanese]

Beyond China Threat Theory: Perception toward the Rise of China in Different Geopolitical/Sociopsychological Settings

Chair:Shigeto Sonoda (University of Tokyo, Japan)

David S. S. Goodman (University of Sydney, Australia)
“Australia and the China Threat: History and Contemporary Practice"
Kok Kheng Yeoh (University of Malaya, Malaysia)
“Malaysian Perception of the Contemporary Rise of China: Economic, Political, Ethnic and Generational Factors"
Peter Hayes Gries (University of Oklahoma, USA)
“Debating the 'China Threat' in the United States: How Ideology Divides Americans over China"
Aileen SP. Baviera (University of Philippines, The Philippines)
“Philippine Domestic Interest Groups' Perceptions of China's Rise and the International Environment"
Jenn hwan Wang (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)
“Global Neo-liberalism, Generation Inequality and Taiwan's Recent Resistance against China Rise"

International Panel 2

[English based without simultaneous translation service]

Local Government Elite Survey Analysis in Southeast Asia: Thailand and the Philippines

Chair: Masaaki Okamoto (Kyoto University)

Fumio Nagai (Osaka City University)
“Overview on the survey"
Kenichi Nishimura (Osaka University)
“Does Political Dynasty Matter?: Relation between Family Background of Mayor and the Performance of Local Government in the Philippines"
Masao Kikuchi (Meiji University)
“Exploring Bureaucratic Factors of Administrative Governance Performance of Local Government in the Philippines: From the Municipal Planning and Development Officers Survey"
Kazuhiro Kagoya (Kantogakuin University) and Fumio Nagai (Osaka City University)
“Decentralization and regional difference of politico- administrative networks"
Tsuruyo Funatsu (JETRO-IDE)
“Change in Local Elites after electrical reform"

Sakon Varanyuwatana, Thammasat University,
Weerasak Krueathep, Chulalongkorn University