2024 JAAS Spring Convention Program

June 15 (Sat)

Individual Papers 1. Politics and Economy of Southeast Asia

Chair: OIZUMI Keiichiro (Asia University)

Presentation1. KONISHI Tetsu (Fukuoka Women’s University)
“Shifting Indonesian State-Capitalism in the Pandemic Era”

Presentation 2. Le Nu Trang Nhung (Graduate School, Takushoku University)
“Technology spillover effects from Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam”

Presentation 3. MATSUO Masahiro (J. F. Oberlin University)
“The Alternation of Indochina’s Regional Economic Centers from the Perspective of International Container Logistics”

Discussant: SATO Yuri (Japan Foundation), NGUYEN Thuy (Chiba University of Commerce), ENDO Gen (DaitoBunka University)

Organized Panel 1. Quantitative Text Analysis in Contemporary China Studies: Bridging Past and Present

Chair: LIM Jaehwan (Aoyama Gakuin University)

Presentation 1. LIM Jaehwan (Aoyama Gakuin University)
“Quantitative Text Analysis in Contemporary China Studies: Origins, Revival, and Challenges”

Presentation 2. MIKIYA Yuki (Graduate School, Keio University)
“Tarnishing the Greener Grass on the Other Side: China’s Propaganda Strategy Prioritizing Legitimacy Over Information Credibility”

Presentation 3. YU Haichun (Hokkaido University)
“Utilization of Social Media in Political Communication in China: A Comparative Analysis of Official Accounts of Party Papers”

Discussant: HISHIDA Masaharu (Hosei University), WATANABE Kohei (Waseda University)

Organized Panel 2. Perspectives and Policies Toward Japan Among Taiwan’s Postwar Leaders: Focus on the Kuomintang

Chair: LI Kotetsu (Institute for Northeast Asian Future)

Presentation 1. DUAN Ruicong (Keio University)
“Eisaku Sato’s Taiwan Visit and Chiang Kai-shek’s Response”

Presentation2. CHEN Boyu (University of Niigata Prefecture)
“Pan-Asianisim in Lee Teng-hui’s Perspectives on Japan”

Presentation 3. FUKAKUSHI Toru (University of Shimane)
“Ma Ying-jeou’s Diplomatic Thought and Foreign Policy towards Japan”

Discussant: MUTO Shutaro (Niigata University), FUKAMACHI Hideo (Chuo University)

12:00-13:30 Lunch Break, Board Meeting
Individual Papers 2. Politics and External Policies of China

Chair: AOYAMA Rumi (Waseda University)

Presentation 1. ZHANG Demou (Graduate School, Kyushu University)
“China’s Policy toward the Japan Socialist Party in early Cold War: A Process of Applying the “Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence” to Japan”

Presentation 2. LIU Yihe (Graduate School, Keio University)
“Bureaucratic Bargaining and Alliance Formation in China’s Policy-Making Process: A Case Study of the State Environmental Protection Administration (1998-2007)”

Presentation 3. ZHAO Yucheng (Graduage School of Law, Kyoto University)
“The U.S.-China Rivalry and Economic Security: A Case Study on the Process of Formulating Regulations to Restrain China’s Foreign Direct Investment”

Discussant: SUGIURA Yasuyuki (National Institute for Defense Studies), WATANABE Naoto (Kumamoto University), SUGINOHARA Masako (Ferris University)

Individual Papers 3. Economy and Society of China

Chair: YAN Shanping (Doshisha University)

Presentation 1. ZHANG Chao (Graduate School, Doshisha University)
“An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Infrastructure Construction on Economic Development in Western China –Based on Spatial Durbin Model”

Presentation 2. GAO Xin (Graduate School, Toyo University)
“An Empirical Study on the Life Satisfaction of Rural Residents in China: Focusing on migration from rural areas to cities”

Presentation 3. ZHANG Xin Yuan (Yokohama National University)
“The Supply and Demand of Dry Beans in China: An Analysis Using the Food Values Framework”

Discussant: HASHIGUCHI Yoshihiro (Institute of Developing Economies), YAMADA Nanae (Institute of Developing Economies), SUGANUMA Keisuke (Tokyo University of Agriculture)

Individual Papers 4. Political Party and Party Organization

Chair: KAMO Tomoki (Keio University)

Presentation 1. WADA Tomoki (Graduate School, Hokkaido University)
“Departure from the “Party rules the country” system in Kuomintang government: Focusing on party-government relations during the fourth ‘bandit suppression’ campaign”

Presentation 2. HASHIMOTO Tomohiro (Kurume University)
“Size and The CCP Regime: Building ‘Community’ under Democratic Centralism”

Presentation 3. IGA Tsukasa (Nagoya University)
“Exploring the Development of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) in Malaysia: A Preliminary Study on Party Organization, 1998-2022”

Discussant: ANAMI Yusuke (Tohoku University), EGUCHI Shingo (Nanzan University), NAKAMURA Masashi (Institute of Developing Economies)

Kashiyama Seminar “An Era of Repression and Resistance: Artivism as an Instrument for Change in Asia”(subject to change) (TBA)

June 16 (Sun)
Individual Papers 5. Financial Market and Non-performing Loans in China

Chair: KAJITANI Kai (Kobe University)

Presentation 1. MINAMIKAWA Takanori (Sapporo Gakuin University)
“A research on the rise and fall of asset price in Japan and China with international movement of excess liquidity”

Presentation 2. OKAMOTO Itaru (Bunkyo Gakuin University)
“The mechanism of China’s debt crisis denial: authoritarian forbearance and market’s distrust”

Discussant: LIU Yajing (Hiroshima Shudo University), FUKUMOTO Tomoyuki (Osaka University of Economics)

Organized Panel 3. Revolution and the Transformation of Chinese Society: From the Perspective of Everyday Politics

Chair: ZHENG Haolan (Keio University)

Presentation 1. MARUTA Takashi (Hiroshima University)
“Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China and Marriage Issues of Revolutionary Soldiers”

Presentation 2. IZUTANI Yoko (Ferris University)
“The Struggles of Young Women in Mao’s Era: What was Written or not Written in Their Diaries”

Presentation 3. OHAMA Keiko (Kobe Gakuin University)
“Dance and the Creation of Mass Entertainment in the Early Years of the PRC”

Discussant: ZHU Anxin (Nanjing University), ZHENG Cheng (University of Hyogo)

Organized Panel 4. Publication and National Consciousness of the Kurds, “People without a Nation State”

Chair: KUMAKURA Jun (Hosei University)

Presentation 1. NOSE Miki (Institute of Developing Economies)
“Characteristics and Relations of Kurdish Publications in Turkey and Europe: Focusing on the Discourse on Kurdish Identity”

Presentation 2. ABE Tatsuya (Graduate School, Sophia University)
“History of the Madrasah in Kurdistan and its Cultural Influence”

Presentation 3. TERAMOTO Megumi (Tsuda University)
“Kurdish political movement in the Netherlands: Focusing on Dutch-language magazines in the 1980s”

Discussant: KUMAKURA Jun (Hosei University), KASUYA Gen (Nihon University)

12:00-13:00: Lunch Break
Plenary Session. The Current Stage of the Asian Maritime Order: Gray Zone Conflicts and the Economies

Chair: OBA Mie (Kanagawa University)

Presentation 1. FURUYA Kentaro (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Keio University, Japan Coast Guard Academy)
“China’s gray zone strategy and response from littoral states”

Presentation 2. SATO Koichi(J.F.Oberlin University)
“China’s Maritime Offensive in the East & South China Seas: An Outline”

Presentation 3. WI Jongjin(Kyushu Sangyo University)
“Stabilization of international maritime transport that contributes to the formation of an international order in Asia”

Presentation 4. MORI Aki(Tsukuba University)
“China’s view on the military presence of the third parties in the Philippines”

Discussant: MASUO Chisako (Kyushu University), KASUGA Haruo (Asia University), OBA Mie (Kanagawa University)