JAAS Membership

The Statute of the General Incorporated Foundation Japan Association for Asian

  • The Statute (PDF)
    As a result of the change of the legal status to the general incorporated foundation, the Articles of the Association have been reapproved as a Statute. After obtaining an approval of the board of directors, and approved by relevant authorities, this Statute came into effect on April 1, 2013, the date of registration as the general incorporated foundation.
  • <Reference> Previous articles of the association (Articles of Endowment)
    Previous articles of the Association (Articles of Endowment) valid prior to March 31, 2013, are uploaded here for your reference.

How to become a member of JAAS

  • Please print out the Membership Application Form below, complete it and send to the Office using the following address.

    Ochanomizu Academic Association NPO
    Japan Association for Asian Studies
    〒112-8610 Tokyo-to Bunkyo-ku Otsuka 2-1-1
    Ochanomizu University Faculty of Science Bld.No.3 Room 204
    Phone/Fax: 03-5976-1478
    E-mail:  jaas-info@npo-ochanomizu.org

  • Recommendations by 2 members of JAAC are required.
    (Please receive seals or signatures of 2 members)
  • Annual membership fee is 10,000 Japanese yen for regular members, and 6,000 Japanese yen for graduate students or privileged members.
    (The membership fee is due to be paid later. Please only select the membership fee amount).

After the submission of the application, it becomes a subject to a provisional approval by the managing directors meeting. Afterwards, the final approval is granted by the meeting of the board of directors. Since both meetings are held several times a year, sending of the publications and information might be delayed. We highly appreciate your consideration.

Membership Application Form(PDF)

(Application for the Membership Fee Reduction(PDF)